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From the time that I graduated from High School, I was motivated to gain a true sense of myself and find purpose in life. From an early age I have always been interested in sports and high intensity activities. My participation in sports, snowboarding, and hiking supported my passion of being active. These passions led to my interest in a career-to further understand the connections of the human brain and body. At Colorado State University, I spent four years diving into my psychology classes. Learning about the inner workings of the brain and human behavior. I graduated from CSU Class of 2017 with a Bachelors Degree of Science -specializing in Psychology. ImpactU Fitness was founded over the last 5 years of my Personal Training Career. From my experience working for other personal training studios, I started to see some missing pieces. There was not enough encouragement and motivation to restructure one's mindset to see a whole health approach to fitness. From then on I wanted to create an environment where people could stop fixating on what they see and start learning to fall in love with their fitness, and themselves! My main purpose in life is to help everyone find a balanced and healthy lifestyle: mentally, physically, and spiritually. Let me help you connect your mind with the movement that you love. You will not only see results, but you will feel the impacts on your life. 

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